The Absolute Most Bizarre Independent Horror Movie Ever!

      -Man Eating Drummer-

Jason Farmer is on the largest quest of his life. With his aspirations set to their highest peak, Jason will not allow anything or anyone to get in the path of him becoming The World’s Fastest Drummer.  This seemingly dedicated and well mannered musician has only one obstacle in his way, The WFD World Champions.

When confronted by the Record Holding WFD Champions to ‘put up or shut up’ Jason has no hesitation in relying on his Cannibalistic Instincts. Although you may believe every drummer has the potential of being a practicing cannibal, Jason displays some unusual techniques in not only killing, but in devouring his prey. Let’s just say, Jason puts the meat back in drumming!

Composer Johnny Rabb gives us one of the most emotionally haunting soundtracks of all time as this young, demented, blood licking drummer chops, stabs, slashes and slobbers his way to the top.

If The Blair Witch and Gene Krupa had a kid it would be Jason Farmer-The World’s Fastest Drummer.

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Despite The Dispute
Jason Slashes Forward

Billed as the ‘Freddy Krueger of Drumming’ the forth coming horror film Jason Farmer-The World’s Fastest Drummer has taken a step forward with the release of the film’s trailer (above).

WFD Entertainment, a Nashville, Tn. ‘indie film’ production company has decided to move forward with the production of Jason Farmer despite the unresolved conflict between the company and former director Tommy Dee. For details of the conflict concerning the ghost sighting see earlier updates, story and photos below.

A representative for WFD Entertainment said the movie was originally scheduled for release this Halloween season, but was slowed due to the controversy with the former director. The company has moved forward with the film adding a new release date of December 1st. 2003.

“We are extremely excited about the release of the first ever film that combines all the blood, guts, gore, horror, with zombies and fast drumming (first dubbed as ‘sci-cussion’, but much heavier now).  Early screenings of the trailer have produced overwhelming enthusiasm for the film’s release. We were so encouraged by the initial showings that we just had to complete this project.” Said WFD’s Vicki Jones.

The producers of Jason Farmer will be attending WEST HOLLYWOOD HALLOWEEN CARNEVAL in Los Angeles Friday Oct. 31 in promotional support of their new release.

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 Production Halted, Director Tommy Dee Walks!

Walks? “It was more like runs.” Said director Tommy Dee of Raleigh NC. “I had been hired by these guys to do what they called a ‘sci-cussion’ horror video based around a x-sport they had created. It was decent money, possibly a challenge and seemed like something new or different.”

Dee was hired to direct a film for WFD Entertainment called ‘Jason Farmer-The World Fastest Drummer’. The movie was thought to be your run of the mill ‘Velveeta Lounge’
low budget flick about a young, demented musician’s quest to be The World’s Fastest Drummer. Sounds like Cheese to me!

Although, Dee was up for lending his talent and keen eye in making the low budget horror flick, it seems there was only room for one set of eyes on this project.
Dee added, “Look, on the second week of shooting I told the producers I was seeing something weird in some of the shots and wanted to review them before moving forward.” Their reply was simply “we do not have the time or budget to stop and review each scene, so let’s just run with it, shoot tons of stuff and fix it in post.”

Once Dee began the editing or post process, at first things looked better than he remembered during shooting then all Hell broke loose. As he was viewing the rough footage at his home, his wife Edith began screaming “Tommy, who is that old woman in the window, who’s that old woman?”

“I had not seen it in the capturing process of the original footage, but sure enough there it was, those eyes staring back at me and that face.” Dee said, “that was it. I called the guys and said I am out of here, get somebody else. As far as I know they just stopped it until they can figure this thing out.”

When pressed to describe the face and why he and his wife were so disturbed, Dee replied, “Look, I get paid to make movies, not to film ghosts ok? I will send you a still and you tell me what it is.”

We talked for a short while about the old woman, but Dee requested his comments be strictly ‘off the record’ due to a legal situation now pending with the film's producers. The producers could not be reached for comment and there is no record of who is in the cast of Jason Farmer.

The photo received from Tommy Dee is posted above. It took me a while to locate the old woman in the left window. There is also a Picasso like character just in front her.

I did reach the assistant producer of the film and he informed me that they had temporarily stopped production, but felt like they had a valid explanation for the face in the window. Although, he stated he did not have the liberty to discuss the matter any farther.

When asked  for comment on a valid explanation, Dee would only say  “valid explanation my ASS!”